Here at the clinic, all of our physiotherapists are trained in the Nelson Headache Approach; an approach developed by specialist headache and migraine physiotherapist Rebecca Nelson based in Northern Ireland. This involves gentle manual techniques called Passive Accessory Intervertebral Movements where the physiotherapist applies a repetitive pressure to the joints at the top of the neck in order to reduce stiffness and irritation in this area which causes the headaches.

The Nelson Headache Approach involves a four stage protocol with strict parameters depending on the type and distribution of the headache or migraine.

There is an 85% success rate with the Nelson Approach.


As well as hands-on treatment, your physiotherapist will also talk to you about lifestyle changes you can make in order to reduce your headache or migraine. This includes:

  • Pillow types and sleeping position
  • Type and frequency of medications
  • Exercise prescription

Further information:

Our Headache and Migraine Clinic
Headache and Migraine Conditions

Rebecca Nelson states that results are often seen after a couple of treatments and complete clearance of headaches and migraines, on average, takes between four to six treatments.

Treatment sessions are 30 minutes long and may also include other treatments such as acupuncture and massage. We recommend an hour session for the first treatment.


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