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Acupuncture…….wins over NICE guidelines.

Acupuncture has been a common feature within the metaphorical toolkit for the clinicians of Mike Varney Physiotherapy for quite a few years now. It encourages the body to promote natural healing and improve muscle function. Very fine needles are inserted in or close to the affected area causing a reduction in pain levels and muscular spasm.

According to theAmericanAcademyof Medical Acupuncture, more people have been successfully treated with acupuncture than with all other health modalities combined. However the literature regarding this treatment is vague and is under constant examination. Despite countless criticisms, it now seems that the technique has been a winning formula for treating headaches.

A report by the National Institute for Health and Clinical excellence has suggested that up to 10 sessions of acupuncture over 5 to 8 weeks for chronic tension-type headaches is a valid course of treatment. Furthermore it is also stated that this is likely to contain fewer risks, fewer side effects and is more cost efficient in comparison to typical medication based treatment.

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