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Asafa Powell’s latest injury

In the 100m final last night, Bolt broke the Olympic record in 9.63 seconds, his second fastest time ever. It would have been the first time in history that the whole field completed the race in under 10 seconds if Asafa Powell had not had to pull up short due to a recurring groin injury.

“It was my old groin injury that reoccurred,” Powell said. “I felt it and it started to go. You never want to get injured, but it is a bit of a disaster when it happens in the Olympic final.”

Powell has been suffering with a groin strain for several years. This is usually an injury to the adductor muscles on the inside of the leg where they get pulled and you damage the muscle fibres. The best way to manage these is with a course of physiotherapy and rest before starting to re-strengthen the muscles and tendons. Due to Asafas’ gruelling training schedule however they are constantly under much higher force than most people experience, and they are much more susceptible to these injuries happening again and he is left with chronic damage in the area as it has happened so many times.

Hopefully him and his physio team can now have time to work with the injury and rehabilitate him fully so the next time he reaches the finals of a major competition we can hope for the collective fastest race in history.

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