We are very proud to announce that our physiotherapist Sam is now offering Clinical Bike Fitting services at our Harlow clinic. The main aim of bike fitting is to adjust your cycling position in order to achieve a more comfortable, and efficient, cycling posture. This can also involve working on any muscular weaknesses and biomechanics (how you move) to complement your new cycling position.

Sam has completed an undergraduate degree in Sports Therapy, and then went on to complete a Physiotherapy Masters degree, and has a background working in rugby, football, NHS and private clinics. He is a keen cyclist, having completed the London to Paris as well as rides throughout Europe.  He specialises in lower limb sports injuries and can use this knowledge and his own experience to fit your bike and improve any pre-existing aches or pains you might have, as well improve your performance.

He has a special interest the Shoe/Pedal interface, having completed his undergraduate dissertation on the topic, and will work with you to fit your bike to industry standards using a turbo-trainer with our specialist Garmin pedals that wirelessly transmit 25 different pieces of data on your performance. This is combined with the use of laser levels for feedback on alignment as well as slow-motion video capture to analyse in high detail.

As part of your bike fit with Sam, you will spend time breaking down the biomechanics of cycling; cleat positioning, pedal position, knee angles, seat height and reach, and how specific muscular weakness or reduced mobility may be impacting your riding. As well the bike fit itself, you will be given specific exercises and advice to further improve the position of your riding, all with the goal of improving both your comfort and the performance on your bike.

Clinical bike fitting

Our Cycle Fitting Service includes:

  • Changing the position and angle of the cleats
  • Adding spacers to your pedals to change your knee position
  • Changing the height of the saddle to change your knee angle
  • Adjusting the forward position of the saddle to change your reach to the handlebars
  • Changing the handlebar angle

Cycle Fitting Assessment

Whilst we can adjust a lot of parts of your bike, Sam will also work with you to build strength and flexibility into muscles that will help you maintain your new cycling position. We know biomechanics plays a big part in cycling and can easily be improved with some simple exercises.

Bike Fitting is ideal for those that have just bought a new bike and want to make sure that everything is set up properly as well as anyone that gets aches and pains whilst cycling, either from a previous injury or just throughout a ride in general.  There’s a few more common conditions that we can help with by changing how you ride:

  • Back ache
  • Knee and hip pain
  • Shoulder and elbow pain
  • Hand pain or pins and needles or numbness

The important part to take away from your bike fit is that the new position you’re cycling in will feel different. We will do everything in your bike fit to make sure that you leave in a comfortable position, but it can take up to 300 miles before your new cycling posture begins to feel normal for you.