headache and migraine clinic


Headaches are a very common symptom, that have been under estimated, under recognised and under treated. Headache disorders affect people all over the world and can cause difficulty with activities or day to day living. Physiotherapy can produce dramatic results where years of medication and dietary advice have failed.

Mike Varney Physiotherapy are pleased to be able to offer a headache and migraine clinic to aid in the reduction of your symptoms especially through day to day activity. Our therapists have attended an intense training course in Belfast, based on the Nelson Headache Approach which involves a unique regime of specialised manual techniques developed by spinal physiotherapist Rebecca Nelson, from her experience of over 22 years of successfully treating headache and migraine sufferers in Northern Ireland and New Zealand.

There is an 85% success rate with the Nelson Approach.

Treatment consists of specific joint mobilisation techniques postural education and work station ergonomic advice, assessment of pillows and sleeping positions and exercise therapy.

We recommend an hour session for the first treatment.