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Massage vs Physiotherapy?

What’s the difference between massage and Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy treats pain, impairments and disability by using a wide number of treatment techniques. The treatment is precise and tailored to you based on an in-depth assessment. Massage is a generic term for hands on techniques employed to relieve muscle tension and improve wellbeing.

Which do I need?

As a rule, if you have pain then you need to know what’s causing it, which means you need a Physiotherapist. The reason for this is often pain causes muscle tension and stress, therefore whilst this can be eased by a massage, it will not get to the root cause and fix the problem. In the short-term a massage is cheaper than a Physiotherapy session, but in the long-term you spend a lot more money, and you still have a problem. To use an analogy, a light in your house keeps blowing out, and every time you replace it with another light bulb, it blows out again. At what point would you stop spending money on replacing the light bulb and get an electrician in to fix the underlying cause? As Albert Einstein says, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

So if you are in pain, book in with a physiotherapist today on 01279 414 959.

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