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Mikes Corner – My Experiences

Mike Varney

I am often asked what the treatment of injuries was like when I first started in football in 1970 and how is it different today.  My first Club looking after their injuries was Kingstonian FC which was one of the better amateur clubs.The facilities for treatment consisted of a small room the size of a large cupboard with a couch and very little else! Players trained twice a week and played on Saturday’s unless they had a midweek fixture. Injury treatment consisted of ICE.This pneumonic stands for ice, compression and elevation.  This was first line for initial injuries and still is today 49 years later.

For ongoing exercises I used various types of massage and specific exercises for return to full training and finally match play. Over the next few years I moved on to Sutton United and then Staines Town for an extra five pounds a week expenses in each case. During this time my job was as a Remedial Gymnast in the Army working at the Combined Services Rehabilitation Centre in Chessington Surrey. The roll was to get seriously injured servicemen and women back to full service life.A hugely demanding and very satisfying job and one which allowed me to continuously learn.  This experience stood me in good stead for the next period of my life working at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club which I will tell you about in the next blog.

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