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Physio Treatment – Megan McMahon, Elite Netballer

We caught up with Elite Netballer; Megan McMahon for a brief interview about her netball career. Megan talks about her treatments at Mike Varney Physiotherapy and how they have helped her recover from injuries and in returning to fitness. This season Megan is trialing for Surrey Storm’s Under 21 team.


Brief description of your netball career:

 I started playing netball when I was about 10/11. Just the basics playing for the school HIGH 5s team not having any intentions to take it any further. However, the coach urged me to join a club, of which I did. Tegate has been my first and only netball club since the age of 12. At the age of 13, I made it into the East Essex Satellite Academy which is a development stage before County. The following year I was moved up into East Essex County in which I was in for 4 years. At the end of the 3rd year, I was moved up into the Regional Academy, however still trained at County. After these years in County, I thought it was time to progress a bit further and trial for a franchise. I managed to secure a place into the Mavericks hub which is a branch hanging off from the Mavericks squad itself. I’ve attended Barking Abbey Sixth Form for the past 2 years which specialises in netball. During this time, I made the transfer over to the Surrey Storm hub – again branching off from the main squad. During my 2 years at Barking Abbey, we won 4 national titles which was a great achievement and experience. Last year I made it into the Surrey Storm U19 NPL Squad which is to date my biggest achievement. This season, I was able to retain my spot within this squad, which again, has been a big achievement. This season I will be trialing for the U21 Surrey Storm team in the hope to progress even further.

Megan McMahon netball player

Are there any past injuries that has affected your training and how has Mike Varney Physiotherapy helped you to overcome these injuries?

I have had many injuries throughout my sporting career so far. From nerve issues in my back, to inflamed tendons within my knee, torn ligaments in my ankle etc. All of these have affected me playing and has resulted in me having to take time away from sport. Mike Varney has helped me massively in the sense of spot on treatment and rehabilitation exercises. Everything they’ve done for me has resulted in me returning back to 100% fitness and never having a re-occurrence of the same injury.

Is there any particular treatments that you find beneficial?

The most beneficial treatment I have found is the acupuncture as I feel like it always makes my injury feel a lot better after treatment. Definitely having a massage always helps me too despite the pain sometimes, it’s worth it after.

Would you recommend Mike Varney Physiotherapy?

I would recommend Mike Varney to everyone. No matter what your issue is, they will solve it. I genuinely don’t think I would ever want to go to anyone else to seek treatment.

Everyone at Mike Varney Physiotherapy would like to wish Megan good luck for the season ahead in her trials and hopefully playing for Surrey Storm for the coming campaign.

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