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Recognising a stroke

Approximately 152,000 strokes occur each year in the UK, which is more than one every five minutes. However, if medical attention is received within 3 hours of the stroke, the long term effects can be reversed. The key is to know the signs to recognise a stroke, and to get medical attention immediately. To recognise a stroke, remember:

F – Face, ask the individual to smile.

A – Arms. Ask the person to raise both arms together.

S – Ask the individual to speak.

T – Time to call 999.

Also, ask the individual to stick out their tongue. If their tongue drops on one side then this can also be a sign of a stroke.

If an individual has difficulty with any of these tasks, call 999 immediately and describe the symptoms. Together we can help to reduce the number of people living with the disabling effects of a stroke.

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