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Shockwave Therapy

There has been a lot of press about the effectiveness of the shockwave machine, such in this aShockwave2rticle from the Daily Mail.

Shockwave therapy was originally used as a treatment for kindney stones but it’s therapeutic benefit for soft tissue injuries has only been realised fairly recently.

It works by delivering high energy soundwaves into the painful area to re stimulate the healing process. Because of this it works best with chronic problems like tennis elbow or jumpers knee rather than a sprain or recent sports injury.

Although the treatment can sometimes be uncomfortable on the area of discomfort it is rarely painful. Usually 5-6 sessions of shockwave will resolve these chronic issues as they have a cumulative effect.

Here at the clinic we do not charge seperately for shockwave, and if suitable it will be included in your treatment plan with any other necessary interventions to gain the best therapeutic result.

If you have any other questions about this treatment please contact the clinic for further information.

Click Here to view the Daily Mail Article


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