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Running Posture

Finding your form

What does form really tell us and how can it help us get to where we going faster and more efficiently?

When assessing an athlete’s running style, we typically look at toe-knee-hip-hand-shoulder alignment. Do not underestimate the power of the mind though as head position will determine where and what the rest of the body will be doing during a run.


Running Biomechanics

Running shoes have a limited life. A pair of top end running shoes such as asics will only last for 400-500miles. This will however, vary depending primarily on your running surface for example; track, road, treadmill or trail path. Mileage lifespan of trainers refers to the foam that runs through the middle and sole of the shoe, this unfortunately is the quickest wearing part of the shoe as it takes all the impact from the ground and your body ...

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