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Growth Related Injuries

There are a wide range of growth-related injuries that can occur in children and teenagers. These injuries commonly develop in those who live highly active lifestyles. Participating in school physical education, after school clubs and individual sports clubs daily.

These injuries occur during growth spurts where the bone grows, and the muscles/tendons become tight and start to pull on the bone causing pain and dysfunction.

Symptoms are usually tightness to the surrounding muscles, pain to the bone, occasional swelling, ...

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Core and Running

The most used four-letter word in any sport, CORE.

Your core and your abdominals are two closely related but very different muscle groups. The abdominals contribute to stability, control and endurance but your core will ensure you maintain all this and the correct posture, avoiding the injury and inefficiency that are often created by instability.

I could throw out a few scientific names now to really define core. Instead I will tell you that your core is made up ...

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