Around 1 in 5 women will experience mild discomfort in the back or front of the pelvis during pregnancy. It is really important to look after yourself when you are expecting. Your body will go through an extraordinary amount of change and many women will experience problems such as fatigue, fluid retention, headaches and pain.

These aches and pains, if left untreated may progress to interfere with everyday activities such as walking, climbing and descending stairs and getting out of chairs and bed. After having the baby you will need to be able to cope with added demands of lifting, changing and feeding baby as well as manoeuvring baby carriers and car seats. All these activities require a strong back, pelvis and abdominal muscles.

Here at Mike Varney Physiotherapy we have a qualified therapist treating a broad range of pregnancy related conditions including SPD and Sciatica.

You will be asked to complete a small questionnaire to give us a better understanding of how your pregnancy is progressing and allow us to design an individual treatment programme for you. If you have any discomfort that does not improve within a week or interferes with your daily activities you should contact your midwife or GP.

If you would like more information on what we can offer you in your pregnancy, please contact us or visit our News and Advice blog pages.

Treatments available:

  • Kinesiotape to support the lower back and provide relief from SPD.
  • Pregnancy Massage to relax the body and provide relief from aching muscles..
  • Manual Therapy to ensure your spine, pelvis and hip joints are moving normally.
  • Active Isolated Stretching to relax individual muscle groups that overwork during the changes in pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates Exercises to strengthen and retrain the abdominals, pelvic floor and hip muscles during and after pregnancy.


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