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Suffering from sore or tight muscles after exercise?

Tension in your back? Neck? Shoulders?

Whether the tightness is coming from sitting at a desk all day or a sporting activity, a massage will help!

Massage has shown to improve blood flow, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, and reduce swelling, spasms and cramping. Within the physiotherapy environment it has also been proven to relax overused muscles, providing greater joint flexibility and range of movement. This makes a great impact to everyday life as well as sporting performance.

Deep tissue massages are beneficial to maintain and prevent further injury, before an event to increase circulation and warm the muscles, and post- training to flush away waste products.

Mike Varney Physiotherapy are currently offering 30 minute Sports Massage treatments with our trained Sports Therapist. It is important to note that massage alone cannot be used to treat all injuries; you may require further treatment with a physiotherapist.

If it has been discussed with you that dry needling combined with sports massage may be helpful in your trigger point release, we are currently offering a 30 minute session with a fully trained Dry Needling Practitioner.