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Why Massage?

Today the benefits of massage are varied and extensive. It is an accepted part of many physiotherapy treatment sessions and rehabilitation programs and has proven beneficial for many chronic conditions.

The Benefits

Massage has shown to improve blood flow, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, and reduce swelling, spasms and cramping. Within the physiotherapy environment it has also been proven to relax overused muscles, providing greater joint flexibility and range of movement. Some of the evidence in the literature indicates that massage may also be beneficial for relieving tension-related headaches.

However the question is when do I book myself a massage?

Instead of seeking massage solely for relaxation and pampering purposes, individuals are turning to massage therapy to help with the treatment of medical conditions. The latest consumer stats from the American Massage Therapy Association showed that 43% of individuals that booked a massage in the past 12 months was for medical reasons with 32% of individuals booking for stress related issues.

The medical reasons included in this report included pain relief, relief from muscle stiffness and soreness, injury recovery and migraine relief. However using massage as a monthly maintenance or preventative technique is one of the best ways to keep on top of your injury needs. Regular massage improves muscular flexibility and reduces muscular spasm for longer periods of time.

Massage at Mike Varney Physiotherapy

Here at Mike Varney Physiotherapy we regularly use massage in treating a range of different injuries. We provide a 30min sports massage service for those patients who feel that regular massage would greatly help with maintaining and preventing future injuries. We also encourage patients who are training regularly to visit the clinic weekly to keep on top of muscle soreness and the build up of lactic acid.

If you feel that a massage session would help with reducing pain or muscle stiffness, don’t forget to give the clinic a call and book yourself in for an appointment.

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